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Apex XT CPAP Machine is Launched & Trusted since 2009.


The Apex XT Prime CPAP Machine system is one of the smallest CPAP Machine in the market. Its palm-sized and lightweight design lends itself well to travel. However, it delivers the same effective therapy as the larger machines, including useful features like easy ramp settings, auto altitude adjustment, leak compensation and data collection by SD card.

Apex XT Prime CPAP machine is packed with even more features improving compliance of CPAP treatment. Apex XT Prime CPAP machine is one of the lightest APAPs on the Singapore market. Best of all, the Apex XT Prime CPAP machine comes with therapy management software and backed by a two years manufacturer's warranty. You can plan on this machine lasting as long as any other CPAP machine on the Singapore market.


Apex XT Prime CPAP machine is a highly compact and lightweight sleep apnea treatment machine. It's design lends itself very easy to bring along and travel with. With brilliant design of a built-in power supply in Apex XT Prime CPAP machine, it's palm-size design makes it easy to be packed into all kinds carry-on luggage of our patients.


Apex XT Prime CPAP machine now comes with PVA (Pressure Variation Algorithm).  Apex XT Prime CPAP machine's enhanced pressure stability and the clinically proven PVA pressure variation algorithm make the compact sleep apnea treatment machine even more comfortable. The enhanced pressure stability module of Apex XT Prime CPAP machine also avoids any additional work of breathing and makes better patient synchrony.


Apex XT Prime CPAP machine is ultra quiet. The advance technical designs of Apex XT Prime CPAP ensures an exceptional low and quiet noise level during operation during sleep apnea treatment every night. Bundled with Apex XT CPAP Heated Humidifier, Apex XT Prime CPAP machine is capable of six heating levels to provide the most optimal humidification according to individual needs during their sleep therapy every night in Singapore.


  • HSA Singapore Device Number: DE0011978.
  • Compatible with all major brands of CPAP masks.
  • Free CPAP Setup Consultation.
  • Free Apex XT CPAP Machine Trial Available.
  • Free Sleep Coaching Compliance Program.
  • Free Annual Filter Change and CPAP Machine Servicing.
  • Free Unlimited Treatment Consultation Report Printing.
  • Cash or PayNow payment available.
  • Free doorstep delivery available.
  • Display price is Inclusive of GST.
  • Global Blue Tourist GST Refund Available.

Apex XT Prime CPAP Machine with PVA - Singapore

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